Steal of the Day: Student Discounts

Student Discounts. They’re everywhere, yet so many people overlook them. Below is a list of some places that offer student discounts and how much you could be saving by flashing your student ID. Hey, we pay thousands for tuition and our education, why not use some of the small perks that come with it?

These discounts are great to use during sales to get even more off or on regular prices items you just can’t wait to have.

Student Discounts

Ann Taylor: 20%

Ann Taylor Loft: 10-15%

J.Crew: 15%

Banana Republic: 15%

The Limited: 15% off

Topshop: 10% off

Charlotte Russe: 10-15% off

Urban Outfitters: 10% off

Juicy Couture: 15% off

Asos: 10-15% off

Kate Spade: 15% off


Happy Shopping!


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  1. Roma says:

    This is awesome. My daughter, who is at the University of Utah, is coming home for winter break tomorrow. Shopping is on the agenda, but of course. She’ll be flashing that ID card :) Great to know! Glad I discovered you from Jseveryday fashion :)

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