Steal of the Day: Jewelry

1 Beaded Leaf Earrings; 2Rhinestone Framed Earrings; 3 Bracelet/Bangle Set 4 Rhinestone Button Earrings; 5 Shimmering Chandelier Earrings; 6 Beaded Bracelet; 7 Faceted Chandelier Earrings; 8 Stone Bib Necklace

Burlington Coat Factory is a great place to scope out deals on clothes, shoes, purses, etc. It is similar to the concept that Marshalls, TJMaxx, ROSS etc have, however, unlike them, you can now shop online. This is a fairly new thing and was recently introduced, so the selection isn’t amazing, but you can still find great deals.  Above are some great accessories I was able to find all for under $10.  Shipping is free today and tomorrow.


Happy shopping!




  1. Roma says:

    Cute! I haven’t been to Burlington in years, literally years, and completely forgot about them, so thanks for posting their link to remind me what great stuff I used to find there and that they’re still around. The one by me closed a decade ago, but glad to see I can still shop them online.

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