Steal of the Day: H&M

H&M Sale.001

1 Faux Fur Jacket; 2 Slim Fit Pants; 3 Pencil Skirt; 4 Twill Pants; 5 Wool Blend Coat; 6 Fitted Coat; 7 Chiffon Blouse; 8 Handbag; 9 Boots; 10 Jacket

Now this is what I call a sale, not that ‘Black Friday” crap you were trying to throw at us H&M. There are a lot of things to choose from; jackets, coats, blazers, shoes, accessories, the list goes on. Above are some of my favorites.

Codes 0560 (for an extra 20% off a single item) and 1275 (free shipping) still work and can be stacked.


Happy Shopping!




  1. christina says:

    just wanted to say i got the h&m booties – thanks! the double coupon didn’t work (only got add’l 20% off) but they were so cheap I didn’t care. thanks again!

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