The Look for Less: NYE Dresses Under $30

New Years Dresses under $30

1 Touch of Glam Combo Dress; 2 Glam Hour Shift Dress; 3 Dress with Lace Embroidery; 4 Lace Top Swing Dress; 5 Glitter Bodice Maxi Dress; 6 Purple Sequin Bodice Dress; 7 Bombshell Sequined Dress; 8 Appliqué Dress 

Can you believe New Years is just around the corner?! Time seriously flies. There is no shortage of things to do on New Years Eve and nothing says “I’m ready for you 2014″  like a killer dress to ring in the new year. Above are some great options which are all under $30 (one of the dresses is $1.76 over–sshh!)  I don’t go to ‘formal’ or ‘event’ type places often so, chances are I will wear it for one night and put it in the back of my closet until another event comes up. Spending $30 is a great alternative to the hundreds some choose to spend. My life is just not that glamorous…yet.

Do you save or splurge? Which one is your favorite?



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